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Rules and Regulations

1. Admission

  • Applications shall be processed on a first come first served basis which shall be effective only after a confirmation letter has been duly issued by the “Organizer“. The said letter shall be deemed to be sufficiently given if sent in accordance with Sub Clause ( ii ) of Clause 7 in these Regulations.
  • Only local licensed companies and overseas licensed companies shall qualify as “Exhibitors“.

2. Allocation of Space

  • The “Organizer” shall have the unfettered right at its sole discretion to allocate or re-allocate the Exhibition booth area in the Exhibition Hall.

3. Terms

  • Each “Exhibitor“ shall complete an application form together with a crossed cheque to “Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association” payable as deposit amounting to 50% of the total participation fee at the time of booking. Balance of the sum payable to the “Organizer“ shall be paid on or before June 30th of the year of the show, failing which, the paid deposit shall be forfeited and the space reserved be re-allotted at the unfettered discretion of the “Organizer“.
  • The deposit of any sum paid for the Exhibition shall be forfeited if the “Exhibitor“ fails to participate at the Exhibition.
  • The “Exhibitor” shall have no right to abandon his booth and remove any Exhibit before the close of the Exhibition.

4. Conditions Relating to Displayed Goods

  • The “Exhibitor“ may only offer for display/sale within the booth area the goods and/or such other merchandise as the “Organizer“ shall from time to time approve.
  • The “Exhibitor“ agrees to withdraw from display/sale such other merchandise of the “Exhibitor“ as and when required by the “Organizer“.
  • All goods and merchandise or any exhibit offered for display/sale by the ‘Exhibitor‘ at the booth area shall be the property of the “Exhibitor“. The “Exhibitor“ shall be fully responsible for the delivery, display, Exhibition and safe keeping of the goods and merchandise.
  • The “Organizer“ shall not in any way and for any reason whatsoever be liable for loss or damage to the Exhibits decoration equipment and advertising materials of the “Exhibitor“ or the business of the “Exhibitor“. The “Exhibitor” shall be liable for and shall indemnify and hold the “Organizer“ harmless against any claims, loss or damage to any person or property directly or indirectly, occasioned by or arising from the “Exhibitor“at the Exhibition.
  • All Gemstone treatments for Sapphires and other varieties of stones including heated Sapphires, Berylium treated or diffused stones and such other treatments as described in the Code of Ethics of the Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association must be disclosed in an honest and straightforward manner. All such disclosures must be clearly displayed by the "Exhibitor". The "Organiser" shall have the authority to take suitable action against the “Exhibitor" in the event the "Exhibitor" fails to comply with these conditions.
  • All “Exhibitors” shall be bound by the Code of Ethics of The Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association.

5. Shell Scheme Booths

  • All shell scheme booths shall be constructed by the main contractor appointed by the “Organizer“.
  • The booth shall at the expense of the “Exhibitor”, be kept clean and free from litter at all times during the Exhibition.
  • The “Exhibitor” shall be liable/responsible at the completion of the Exhibition, to immediately remove all his/her property and goods and merchandise from the booth and the Exhibition Hall, and shall give up occupation of the Booth thereto, in a good, clean and proper state of repair and condition, and if so required by the “Organizer“ to remove all decoration equipment, advertising material, fixtures and fittings making good all damages caused by such removal.
  • Decoration of Booth shall be completed the day before the official opening of the Exhibition. Any alteration or repair shall be carried out only with the consent of the “Organizer“ and only be permitted, when the Exhibition is closed for public visitors.
  • Only the main contractor appointed by the “Organizer“ shall have the right to carry-out all electrical works in the Exhibition Hall. The “Exhibitor” shall pay to the main contractor, the sum payable for the installation of electrical network. The “Exhibitor“ shall not during the Exhibition use multi-plugs.

6. Operation of Booth

  • All personnel assigned to the “Exhibitor’s” Booth at the Exhibition Hall shall be the employees of the “Exhibitor“ who shall observe and conform to the Regulations of the Exhibition.
  • The “Organizer“ shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or personal injury of whatever nature and extent caused to the “Exhibitor“ or his employees, or to the third party, in the Exhibition.
  • The “Exhibitor” or his employees shall conduct no business activity outside the booth area.
  • The “Exhibitor“ shall not advertise or canvass for business anywhere else in the Exhibition Hall, other than his own booth.
  • The “Exhibitor“ or his employees shall not commit any act amounting to nuisance, disturbance or annoyance to the “Organizer“ or to other “Exhibitors“ and visitors to the Exhibition Hall. The “Organizer” shall have the authority to request the “Exhibitor“ or his employees to stay out of the Exhibition Hall, till the completion of the Exhibition, in the event of his causing any nuisance/disturbance or annoyance to the “Organizer” and visitors or for whatever action on the part of the Exhibitors, where it is evident that he had failed to comply with the regulations of the Exhibition or caused any damage to any part of the Exhibition Hall.
  • The “Exhibitor“ expressly undertakes to indemnify the “Organizer“ and keep the “Organizer“ indemnified against all actions, proceedings, claims and demands made against the “Organizer“ by a third party on grounds that the “Exhibitor” had failed to comply with the regulations of the Exhibition, or caused any damage to any part of the Exhibition Hall.
  • In the event of the Exhibition Hall or any part thereof, at any time during the Exhibition , being damaged or destroyed by fire, water, storm, wind, typhoon, defective construction, earthquakes, subsidence of the ground or any other cause not attribut able to the act or default or reasons beyond the control of the “Organizer“ so as to be rendered unfit for use and occupation, or becoming inaccessible due to any cause whatever, so that the “Exhibitor” shall not be able to display his goods or merchandise at the Booth Area or elsewhere in the Exhibition Hall. The “Organizer“ shall be under no obligation to reallocate the Booth area or the Exhibition Hall.
  • All goods or merchandise or any exhibit in the Booth area shall be the property of the “Exhibitor“ and be removed immediately after the Exhibition and at the end of each day. Any property described in this sub-clause shall be forfeited if the “Exhibitor“ fails to follow the arrangements of the “Organizer” and the “Organizer“ shall not be responsible for any safekeeping of the said property after the Exhibition.
  • The “Exhibitor“ shall move in and out of the Exhibition the Exhibits of the Booth area, according to a schedule issued by the “Organizer”. The “Organizer“ shall not be responsible for the safekeeping of the said Exhibits, before, during or after the Exhibition.
  • The “Organiser” will be responsible for providing security for the show during the move-in period, throughout the show, and during move-out on a 24 hour basis. Exhibitors are cautioned not to leave their exhibits unattended during set up or dismantle period or during exhibit hours.
  • Individual security is the responsibility of the “Exhibitor”, and private guards may be hired solely through the official show security contractor.
  • Permission to enter the exhibit area may be denied during the official show days until two hours prior to opening, and commencing one hour after the closing of the show.
  • The “Organiser” shall if possible, provide complimentary vault storage for valuable merchandise upto the show’s vault capacity. The “Organiser” will register and secure Exhibitors’ merchandise at designated times. Neither the “Organiser”, the Centre, nor the official security contractor will be responsible for Exhibitors’ merchandise whether in or out of the vaults. All merchandise on the premises is at the Exhibitor’s sole responsibility and risk. Exhibitors should secure proper insurance to cover the loss and/or theft of merchandise.
  • Pre-registration of “Exhibitor” personnel is mandatory. The “Organiser” reserves the right to limit the number of badges provided. Badges are to be requested only for bonafide employees of the exhibiting company who will represent the “Exhibitor” in the Exhibitor’s booth. The “Exhibitor” is responsible for the conduct of all persons for whom it requests badges

7. Miscellaneous Conditions

  • In no circumstances, shall the “ Exhibitor“ assign or transfer any right or interest in the Exhibition to a third party, without the prior written consent of the “Organizer“.
  • Any notice or consent required, to be given by the “Organizer“ under this regulation shall be in writing, and not withstanding the fact that the same shall not be delivered, shall be deemed to be sufficiently given, if sent through post in a pre-paid registered letter to the address stated in the Application Form, to whom such notice or demand is given or such address as is notified by the “Exhibitor“ to the “Organizer“ from time to time and shall be deemed to be served on the working day following that on which it is posted.
  • The “Organizer“ shall reserve the right to alter, amend and incorporate into, any of the regulations herein.
  • The “Organizer“ shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the “Exhibitor“ in respect of any error or omission in any printed matter issued for or during the Exhibition.
  • The “Organizers” shall mean the Organizing Committee of Facets.
  • The “Exhibitors“ shall mean any local licensed company and any overseas licensed company who have applied for and paid the requisite fee, and have been allocated Booths by the “Organizer“ for exhibiting and displaying their merchandise at the Exhibition.