Local Exhibitor

August 29th – September 1st 2019 - 10AM to 6PM
Facets 2019 will be held at the Exhibition and Convention centre of the BMICH in Colombo. Shuttle services will be provided from most of the hotels in Colombo.

On display will be Sri Lankas finest gems & Jewellery. A Special Collector's gemstone corner will provide you the opportunity of viewing some of the rare and mportant gemstone pieces and materials.

There will be two large convention halls, of which the main hall will primarily display precious & semiprecious gems and the second hall will be exclusively dedicated to jewellery, lapidary & machinery items.

A premium booth of size 3m x 3m consist of the following

• Shell scheme booth with partitions
• 1 table
• 3 fluorescent lights
• 3 spot lights
• 1 plug base (5 Amp)
• waste paper basket
• Fascia board with Exhibitors name and Booth #
• 3 chairs
• 1 showcase (100x120x50cms with LED lights)

The following facilities will be available at the SHOW site

• Facets Secretariat
• Shuttle services from most of the hotels
• Restaurant
• Customs on site
• National Gem & Jewellery Authority Gem testing facilities
• Clearing & forwarding facilities for exports
• Travel desks to arrange tours etc. for any visitor