About Facets

FACETS Sri Lanka International Gem & Jewellery Trade Show, held in September every year, is the pinnacle event in the industry calendar. This event is the flagship activity of the Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association. Held annually in Colombo since 1991, with State and private sector patronage, Facets Sri Lanka is an impressive showcase of Sri Lanka's top resource, the Ceylon Sapphires. With a view to raising its international profile, producers and wholesalers from the other gemstone producing countries such as Africa, Asia, South America and Australia are also invited to exhibit their gemstone products at the show, along with a sizable number of local exhibitors. The event also attracts a large number of influential trade buyers & visitors from around the world.

The Sri Lanka Gem & Jewellery Association (SLGJA) the apex private sector organization representing the interests of all industry sub-sectors from mining through manufacturing, wholesale and retail, organises the show in partnership with the National Gem and Jewellery Authority and the Sri Lanka Export Development Board. The objective of the show is to strengthen and promote industry development with special focus on the industry's prime resource, the Ceylon Sapphires as well as to Increase sales of gemstones and jewellery products to overseas markets, attract more international buyers to Sri Lanka and facilitate a level playing field among the different industry segments while promoting fair trade.

Over the years, the show has steadfastly developed in to one of the best international gem and jewellery exhibitions in the world. A very significant factor in the history of the event is that it is the only exhibition in Sri Lanka which has been held uninterrupted for a period of 28 years. As a result the local gem and jewellery trade has benefitted immensely, reaching appreciable heights in the international arena. Over the past 28 years, the brand profile of the show has developed to a great extent, gaining international recognition a world class exhibition. Facets Sri Lanka plays a pivotal role in making Colombo a regional gem & jewellery hub and Sri Lanka the “Sapphire Capital of the World”.